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Wesley Bell

Wesley Bell is a Ferguson city councilman and a former municipal court prosecutor. After his election, Councilman Bell worked directly with the Department of Justice on community policing and court reform initiatives for the city of Ferguson. Bell is running on a progressive platform that, among other things, focuses on ending mass incarceration. Bell has […]

Ilhan Omar

These Color Of Change PAC-endorsed candidates are committed to making life better for all Minnesotans Erin Murphy, Candidate for Governor AND Erin Maye-Quade, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Erin Murphy is the former Majority Leader of the Minnesota House of Representatives. She is a registered nurse, and the former Executive Director of the Minnesota Nurses Association. […]

Stacey Abrams

With Stacey Abrams’s victory in the Georgia gubernatorial primary, we are one step closer to electing the nation’s first Black female governor. Stacey Abrams has a history of strong and ambitious leadership. Abrams was the first woman to lead either party in the Georgia General Assembly and the first African American to lead in the […]

Anita Earls

Anita Earls is a civil rights advocate with 30 years of experience. Earls has served as the founder and Executive Director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Justice, Director of the Voting Rights Project for the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and […]

Faris Dixon

It’s time to fix Pitt County’s racist criminal justice system! Black people, who make up only 35.5 percent1 of Pitt County’s population, made up 79.7 percent of the people in jail in 2014. District Attorneys have the power to decide who gets prosecuted and the severity of each prosecution. That’s why voting in local elections […]

Satana Deberry

Update: Durham County DA Satana Deberry has been re-elected to a second term. On May 17, 2022 Deberry won the Democratic primary with nearly 80% of the primary vote and ran unopposed in November’s general election. *** Satana Deberry (D) is running for re-election to continue serving as Durham’s District Attorney. Deberry is an experienced […]

Andrew Gillum

Andrew Gillum (D) is the Mayor of Tallahassee. He was born in Miami Dade County, and he served on the Tallahassee City Commission before being elected mayor.  He is currently running for Governor of Florida. He’s the only candidate who is not a self-financed millionaire or billionaire. Andrew Gillum has a history of progressive leadership. […]