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Check your voting status, make a plan before Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8

Color Of Change contributor report In 2020, pro-democracy activists and local organizers helped make voting more accessible to a wider range of people, including expanding early voting as well as options for mail-in voting and neighborhood ballot drop boxes.  The result: Increased voter turnout, Democratic control of both houses of Congress and President Joe Biden, […]

Turning anger into power at the ballot box: COC PAC offers pathway to take action

By Aldore Collier Millions of Black Americans are outraged over the U.S. Supreme Court striking down Roe v. Wade after nearly 50 years of protecting abortion rights and women’s health care freedom. They also are mad about inaction on issues that disproportionately impact our communities — health care, voting rights, economic instability and criminal justice. […]

CRT used as wedge issue in upcoming elections

Color Of Change contributor report In recent years, critical race theory — the law school-level academic concept that racism is embedded in American systems and government policies — became a powerful tool for far-right activists to bully teachers and for Republican politicians who want to fire up their base. Fear of it being taught in […]