Statement from Rashad Robinson, Color Of Change PAC Spokesperson, on Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign

For Immediate Release:

Statement from Rashad Robinson, Color Of Change PAC Spokesperson, on Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign

Following DeSantis’ announcement of his 2024 presidential campaign, Color Of Change PAC Spokesperson, Rashad Robinson, released the below statement:

“DeSantis has made the whitewashing of American schools a top priority of his political agenda. His time as Governor of Florida has reflected his desire to rewrite American history while eradicating diversity and inclusion programs, revoking the voting rights of previously incarcerated individuals, and disenfranchising Black voters. A DeSantis White House would be an extension of the harm done to Black people in Florida. We refuse to allow our country to take two steps back, as we head into the 2024 election season we are committed to looking boldly toward the future.”

“DeSantis’ appalling record of abuse is not only being entertained by the GOP, but it is being bolstered by ultra-wealthy influence. Elon Musk’s backing of this presidential campaign should be a call to action for progressives, allies, and any American who fears corporate influence in the White House. In our election system, money is power, and as a movement we must build grassroots support for progressive organizations that will be on the front lines defending the integrity of our country.”

“American Democracy must be embedded with an honest acknowledgment of our past, understanding Black history is one of our most powerful tools in the fight for real justice. In this moment, America has a choice, to accept the erasure of American history or to embrace our whole history and use that understanding as power for a future that protects Black lives. Color Of Change PAC remains committed to unifying our members and voters around candidates connected to our values and consistent in their defense of Black lives and Black futures. We will use DeSantis’ announcement as fuel that unifies us around progressive candidates, fuel that builds a more powerfully connected base of members, and fuel that pushes powerful legislation to fruition. This movement will not let DeSantis take the White House, nor any other candidate that seeks to obstruct progress.”


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