Color Of Change PAC Responds to Announcement that Toyota Will Stop Funding Insurrectionists

NATIONWIDE — In response to Toyota’s recent announcement that they will stop donating to members of Congress who actively opposed the 2020 presidential election results and fueled the January 6 insurrectionists, Color Of Change PAC released the following statement from Jade Magnus Ogunnaike, Senior Director of the Media, Culture and Economic Justice:

“Toyota’s decision to stand in favor of our democracy and end all donations to lawmakers who continue to support white supremacists is a direct result of the work of hundreds of calls made by Color Of Change PAC members to the company’s leaders demanding they do better. Advocates have been calling out corporations that side with white nationalists working to subvert the democratic process of elections because we know all too well the safety of our communities will continue to be threatened if white supremacist organizing goes unchecked.

“But make no mistake — this is just the beginning. When Color Of Change PAC launched Insurrection Incorporated, a website to monitor corporate PAC donations to members of Congress who voted against the election certification, we discovered Toyota was the greatest contributor to GOP lawmakers, giving an astounding $56,000 to 38 members of Congress who opposed the election results. Now is the time for Toyota to show that it truly stands for democracy and take accountability for putting the lives of Black people in America at risk.

“We also call on other corporations like Cigna, Intel, and JetBlue to stop financing elected white nationalists. This is not just about Donald Trump — this is about a system that enables racist violence and rhetoric at the expense of Black and marginalized communities.

“Our country’s democracy is still under attack today and Black voters’ rights continue to be targeted by racist voter suppression legislation. As long as powerful corporations continue to fund and empower white nationalist violence, the electoral integrity of our nation remains threatened.”