In Pennsylvania, Color Of Change PAC Congratulates Matt Dugan on his Democratic Primary Victory for District Attorney

For Immediate Release: May 16, 2023

In Pennsylvania, Color Of Change PAC Congratulates Matt Dugan on his Democratic Primary Victory for District Attorney

Following Chief Public Defender Matt Dugan’s electoral victory in the Allegheny County District Attorney Democratic Primary, Color Of Change PAC — the political action committee of one of the country’s leading racial justice groups — released the following statement from Color Of Change PAC Spokesperson, Rashad Robinson:

“Matt Dugan’s victory in Allegheny County sends an important message to prosecutors everywhere, progressive prosecutorial reform is a viable path to victory.  Dugan’s campaign was grounded in his vision of a system that seeks to address racial disparities and build a meaningful model of public safety that reflects the values and diversity of the voters living in Allegheny County. Dugan’s experience as a public defender has shaped his values on important issues that have real impact in Black people’s lives.  His commitment to implementing pretrial reform, eradicating bias by declining to prosecute low-level offenses, and his positioning against the use of cash bail will make his time as District Attorney a turning point for Black people in Allegheny. This is a moment of power, after 25 years of business-as-usual racism in the criminal legal system,  Allegheny has chosen change. Color Of Change PAC looks forward to working with Matt Dugan as he works to deliver this much-needed change.” 

In this race, Color Of Change PAC engaged a team of community volunteers to assist in outreach that created real conversations, and directly impacted turnout at the polls. Over the last few months, Color Of Change PAC and volunteers sent nearly 42,000 text messages and facilitated thousands of direct conversations with voters in Allegheny County. This victory at the polls is just one facet of this race’s success story, our outreach and community engagement has empowered a movement for racial justice in Allegheny County that will impact progress for years to come. 

Since 2016, Color Of Change PAC has mobilized millions of Black voters across the country, endorsing candidates who offer plans to help move Black people forward. As we look ahead to 2024 and beyond, we will continue to invest in real conversations with real voters to develop real change for Black people. 


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