We endorse

Reuben Young

North Carolina Supreme Court, Seat 7

Judge Reuben Young is running for reelection to serve as the Judge for North Carolina Appeals Court. Young has previously served as Secretary of Public Safety, Attorney General and Superior Court Judge. Previously, as Interim Chief Deputy Secretary of Adult Corrections and Juvenile Justice. In this role, Judge Young worked with state officials to enhance safety in prisons and to improve the rehabilitation of offenders. Judges make critical decisions that impact our communities. We need experienced leadership committed to protecting the rights of all North Carolinians. 

This election season, vote for Reuben Young for North Carolina Supreme Court, Seat 7. Register to vote today or check your registration status below.

Vote early to avoid lines and wait times at the polls. In person early voting begins Oct. 15. You can also cast a ballot safely and securely by voting by mail as soon as possible. Any voter can request an absentee ballot without an excuse. Absentee ballots must be signed by only 1 witness, not two. Election day polling locations will open on November 3 from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM. Find your nearest polling place by visiting the NC State Board of Elections website.

When to Vote

Election Day

Tuesday, November 3rd 6:30 am - 7:30 pm

Other Important Dates

October 9
Last day to register online to vote
October 15
Early voting begins
October 27
Deadline to apply for an absentee ballot
November 3
Absentee ballots must be Postmarked by this day postmarked or dropped off in person
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Color Of Change PAC is dedicated to increasing Black voter participation to build a powerful Black voting block. We want to make sure that every eligible, Black voter is registered and their vote is accounted for on EVERY election day. Our goal is to ensure that we’re not leaving a single vote behind.


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How to Vote
Be sure to vote! Election Day is right around the corner.
Be sure to vote! Election Day is right around the corner.
The best way to make sure your voice is heard is to make a plan and show up to the polls.

Click here to find your polling place, and be sure to vote on Tuesday, March 3rd.