Color Of Change PAC: Midterm Results Signal Urgency to Protect Voting Rights, Limit Corporate Influence 

For Immediate Release: November 10, 2022
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Color Of Change PAC: Midterm Results Signal Urgency to Protect Voting Rights, Limit Corporate Influence 

NATIONWIDE — Following the 2022 midterm election cycle and the Republican Party likely taking control of the House, Rashad Robinson, Spokesperson for Color Of Change PAC, issued the below statement:

“The 2022 midterm elections were not the red wave that Republicans anticipated, demonstrating the impact of the progressive movement that has been building momentum since 2020. Once again, Black communities led the way in rejecting Republican extremists who offered no actual solutions to the very real problems Americans are facing every day. While we didn’t win everywhere, there are major victories to celebrate — from the election of Pennsylvania’s John Fetterman to the Senate, to sweeping victories in Michigan up and down the ballot. And millions of voters in Minnesota turned out to re-elect Keith Ellison as Attorney General and elect Mary Moriarty as Hennepin County Attorney, sending a clear message that when we engage in racial justice, we can win big things.

“Black voters know our history and we see power in these numbers. As we head into a likely new political reality with a Republican majority in the House poised to oppose the progress we need at every turn, and with extremist state legislatures that want to replace democracy with their own rubber stamps, we invite Democrats to join us in focusing on the priorities that most directly impact voters’ lives: redefining public safety for our communities, education that includes all American history for our kids, holding tech companies accountable, reducing corporate exploitation of workers and consumers, and expanding voting freedom. 

“We are optimistic about results to come out of Arizona, and COC PAC will continue to mobilize voters on the ground in Georgia through the runoff. We hope the Biden Administration and Democrats see this moment for what it is: a call to action, to fight harder for the people and communities most under attack. 

“No matter what, Color Of Change PAC will continue to engage our members over the next two years in preparation for 2024.”


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