Color Of Change PAC Celebrates Rep. Karen Bass’s Election as Los Angeles’s First Black Woman Mayor

For Immediate Release: November 16, 2022

Color Of Change PAC Celebrates Rep. Karen Bass’s Election as Los Angeles’s First Black Woman Mayor

LOS ANGELES, CA Following Rep. Karen Bass’s victory in the 2022 Los Angeles mayoral race, Color Of Change PAC — the political action committee of the nation’s largest online racial justice organization — released the following statement from Color Of Change PAC Spokesperson Rashad Robinson: 

“Karen Bass’s victory is a testament to the years-long work of grassroots organizing and unwavering determination of progressive voters. Building on the momentum of the paradigm-shifting racial justice protest wave that began in summer 2020, they’ve demonstrated that it’s a 24/7, 365-days-a-year fight to protect our democracy from corporate greed and lay the groundwork for needed progress in Los Angeles, California and for our entire country. 

“This campaign was a battle between a champion of our communities and a billionaire who poured his own funds into protecting the harmful status quo. The results represented a clear call from Angelenos: we need dedicated, progressive solutions to systemic problems like redefining public safety so our streets are safe for everyone; addressing the unhoused crisis through housing and resources, not incarceration; and investing in equitable economic development. 

“Today’s results are a monumental win for Black communities who have turned out to vote cycle after cycle for candidates committed to delivering on our priorities. 

“We congratulate Karen Bass on her historic victory and look forward to partnering with her once in office to champion robust policies that empower Black communities across Los Angeles.”

Since 2016, Color Of Change PAC has mobilized hundreds of thousands of Black voters across the country, endorsing candidates who offer plans to help move Black people forward. One of the first-ever political organizing groups to figure out how to reach and engage Black voters and its members online, Color Of Change PAC ramped up its digital and direct mail tactics ahead of the 2022 election cycle.


About Color Of Change PAC

Color Of Change PAC is a Political Action Committee focused on building independent Black political power, amplifying Black voices, electing candidates who share our values, and holding them accountable to our communities. For more information on Color Of Change PAC, visit