Color Of Change PAC: Warnock and Ossoff Wins Pave Way for State and Nationwide Reforms that Will Help Black Communities

January 6, 2021 – Today, Color Of Change PAC released the following statement from Arisha Hatch, executive director of Color Of Change PAC, celebrating the victories of Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff:

“The wins of Rev. Raphael Warnock and likely win of Jon Ossoff unlock the full possibility of the restorative and transformational agenda that Black voters and organizers worked for in November. By handing control of the Senate to the Democratic Party, these improbable and hard-won victories will allow President-elect Biden to pursue the agenda he laid forth in his victory speech, one that centers the needs of Black communities. Just like Biden-Harris’ win in November, today’s wins are a direct result of deep, relentless organizing by the Black community. Our community will hold the senators-elect, Congress, and the Biden administration accountable for delivering on their promises.

Electing leaders with real connections to our communities — leaders who not only listen to our concerns and demands but act accordingly — is key to creating meaningful solutions, improving our livelihoods and establishing strong foundations for future generations. We congratulate Color Of Change PAC-endorsed candidates Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff on their wins and look forward to working alongside them as they make the needs of their Black constituents and racial equity a priority once they take office.”

Background on Color Of Change PAC’s work in 2020:

Color Of Change PAC has been working to mobilize Black voters to ensure a historic turnout for this Senate runoff election. The organization launched a massive voter mobilization effort in the state to reach Black voters and encourage participation, including remote Black Joy voter contact events, as well as an in-person series consisting of “Black Joy Motercades”, the “Black Joy Drive-In Series”, and Black Joy PPE distribution events.

Over the past year, Color Of Change PAC explored ways to ensure that events were safe and followed social distancing requirements while remaining engaging, with food, music, and celebrity guests. Color Of Change PAC also hosted a number of text-a-thons and phone banking parties that allowed people to participate in the democratic process in new and exciting ways. Finally, the PAC invested significantly in digital ads, mailers, email and SMS communication, and peer-to-peer messaging and calls.

Here are a few of the key statistics about Color Of Change PAC’s contributions to this election:

• 2 candidates endorsed that placed comprehensive and progressive reform on the ballot and pledged for real lasting change for Black people

Over 2,600 volunteers mobilized

• 1,715,505 voters contacted (numbers dialed, numbers texted), including:

• 475,000 calls made to Black voters

• 840,505 texts sent to Black voters

• 400,000 direct mail pieces sent to Black voters and members

• Over 7,117,421 digital ad impressions

• 65 events held, with over 2,600 attendees

• Black Joy Drive-In with over 500 attendees (Photos available)

• Distributed over 40,000 PPE units

• 2,968,930 emails sent specific to the Senate Race since November

• 546,395 SMS broadcast texts launched

This election Color Of Change PAC, the political arm of one of the nation’s largest Black-led racial justice organizations, set out to shift how the public views prosecutors and how prosecutors do their jobs is more salient today than ever before. The PAC led an educational campaign to inform voters about the link between criminal justice and voting reform and supported our endorsed candidates by building enthusiasm and mobilizing voters who are often left out. The PAC also congratulates our invaluable partners Working Families Party, New Georgia Project, Black Voters Matter Fund, America Votes – Georgia, and Sheriffs for Trusting Communities.

Color Of Change PAC is a Political Action Committee focused on building independent Black political power, amplifying Black voices, electing candidates who share our values, and holding them accountable to our communities. For more information on Color Of Change PAC, visit

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