Color Of Change PAC: Trump is Calling His Supporters to Violence and Facebook is Helping Him Do It

Rashad Robinson, spokesperson for Color Of Change PAC, released the following statement in response to Trump’s comments in last night’s debate.

“In last night’s debate, Donald Trump made his call to violence crystal clear. Just minutes after he told a terrorist organization to ‘stand by,’ they started suiting up and preparing to attack America. Donald Trump needs white nationalists at the ready because he needs violence to win the election. He wants white nationalists to invade polling places across the country and prevent voters from voting, to invade our streets and attack people who are protesting, and to prevent ballots from being counted. He made clear that his campaign is not about winning votes, it’s about holding onto power—no matter the cost.

“And Facebook is helping him do it. The call to arms Donald Trump announced last night is a call he has been promoting on Facebook for years. All while Facebook pretends they don’t know what his words mean or the effect they will have—denying the effect those words have on the lives of the Black Americans whom white nationalists target and attack.

“Facebook has allowed a video ad from the Trump campaign to run for over a week that features the President’s son calling for an “army” to “enlist” to intimidate and confront voters at the polls. We have demanded that Facebook remove this video for violating its stated policy about violence and voter suppression, and they have flatly refused. Trump’s calls for violence are a threat to all Americans—and our election—but only because enablers like Facebook allow him to amplify that message as often and loudly as he wants, ignoring Facebook policies without consequence.

“It’s time for Facebook to stop playing dumb, take responsibility for their complicity in white nationalist violence and hold Trump to the same standards they hold everyone else. There are no rules if there is no enforcement.”


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