Senator Warren Listened to Black Women; Biden and Sanders Should Take Note.

The following statement can be attributed to Rashad Robinson, spokesperson for Color of Change PAC.

Senator Warren and her campaign for President took on issues of racial inequality and in the process offered up big ideas for changing the rules of a rigged economy that consolidates too much power in the hands of corporations.

Critically, she listened to and incorporated the voices of Black women in her campaign and her proposals. She was willing to genuinely change her perspective to center those voices. Her exit from the race leaves a gap in the conversation around policies and practices that will not just undo the damage of systemic racism but advance true racial justice by changing the rules that hold far too many back.

Neither Senator Bernie Sanders nor Vice President Biden should assume that Black voters are a monolith who will fall in line automatically behind the eventual Democratic candidate. Black voters are made up of many groups with specific needs and interests, including women, men, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, young and old. Any candidate seeking office must work to address the specific needs within the Black community if they want our community’s support.

Listen: Senator Warren’s discussed her ideas to address corporate and tech malfeasance, racial injustice, and the power of social justice movements to effect change as one of the first guests of the Color Of Change podcast Voting While Black.