Reimagining Public Safety in Minneapolis

A year ago Minneapolis residents sparked a national movement to address police violence and reimagine public safety. This November, change is on the ballot.

Minneapolis politicians and police have long failed to address the race-based harm and violence that continues to plague the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD). The MPD still has largely the same violent, anti-Black police force it had when George Floyd was murdered. This November, Minneapolis voters will have the chance to amend the city charter and adopt a public health approach to public safety that works for us all.

By voting YES on City Question #2 to replace the MPD with a Department of Public Safety, we can create a new, comprehensive public safety division that includes qualified professionals, like mental health responders and social workers, who are better equipped to keep us safe and prevent crime from happening in the first place.

Residents of Minneapolis need more options for safety that affirm Black lives and address the needs of our community. We need alternative first responders better suited for certain interventions who can show up quickly when we call 9-1-1. Supporting this change to the city charter is a step in the right direction towards effective public safety that moves away from the kind of policing that hurts our communities.