Incident at DA Lacey’s Home Reveals Disdain for Community, Disregard for Police Violence

Following reports that the husband of Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey pointed a gun at protestors, Color Of Change PAC released the following statement from Rashad Robinson, president of Color Of Change and spokesperson for Color Of Change PAC:

“There is no excuse, none, for a candidate’s family member to point a gun against peaceful protesters. This incident reveals the disdain that Jackie Lacey and her husband hold for the community she wants to represent and the disregard they have for law enforcement’s indiscriminate use of gun violence against innocent Black people. How can any of us expect her to uphold the rights of peaceful protest in the age of Trump and Trumpism when her family is pulling out weapons on people who disagree with her policies? This is not what we need from an elected prosecutor.”

“We’ve seen this disdain and disregard reflected in Lacey’s time as Los Angeles District Attorney, during which she has failed to explain, investigate or prosecute more than 500 reported police killings. She has been a defender of the intertwined systems of police violence and mass incarceration. She has not kept our communities safe. If it wasn’t clear already, it certainly is today — voters must end Jackie Lacey’s time in office.

“The importance of electing a true reform candidate like George Gascón cannot be overstated. Gascón’s criminal justice reform efforts paint a sharp contrast to Lacey’s record. He has shown a true interest in protecting the community and ending a system of injustice that has destroyed Black and Brown families.”

Color Of Change PAC, the political action committee of the nation’s largest online racial justice group, endorsed George Gascón earlier this year. A lifelong public servant, Gascón has run on a platform to continue his record of driving crime to historic lows without compromising his values of decarceration and decriminalization.

Color Of Change PAC’s endorsement of Gascón continues a nationwide effort to elect progressive District Attorneys. These efforts include the endorsement of Audia Jones for Harris County District Attorney in Texas, as well as the endorsement of Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx in Illinois in conjunction with musician and activist John Legend.