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Update: None of the Georgia Senate candidates got more than 50% of the vote, so Senator Raphael Warnock is headed to a runoff election on December 6th. We congratulate U.S. House Representatives Sanford Bishop, Hank Johnson, Nikema Williams, Lucy McBath, and David Scott for their victories, and Stacey Abrams, Charlie Bailey, and Bee Nguyen for their steadfast efforts to defend democracy across the state.

Stacey Abrams for Governor

Stacey Abrams for Governor of GeorgiaStacey Abrams is a powerful organizer, an experienced attorney, and an ambitious leader with a strong track record of fighting for what’s right. We endorsed her 2018 gubernatorial campaign because of her dedication to improving the lives of all Georgians. Since then, Stacey Abrams has continued to dedicate her career to advocating for voting rights, economic justice, access to affordable healthcare, and environmental justice. Since 2018, Abrams led efforts that:

  • Paid off medical debt of 68,000 Georgians.
  • Advocated for the creation of more than 60,000 jobs in the state.
  • Installed 100+ wireless internet stations in under-connected communities.
  • Raised funds to provide $1,000 checks to 100,000 families in need.
  • Advocated for Medicaid expansion for more than 500,000 Georgians.
  • Founded a top national voting rights organization to protect our democracy and expand voting access for all.

Now, Stacey Abrams is running again to be the next Governor of Georgia to continue building a brighter future for all of us. As Governor, Stacey Abrams will take on the most pressing issues facing Georgia, prioritizing economic, educational, and social mobility. If elected, Abrams will make history by becoming the first Black woman governor elected in the country.

Charlie Bailey for Lieutenant Governor

Charlie Bailey for Lt. Gov of GeorgiaCharlie Bailey is a skilled attorney who has spent his career fighting for those that have been wronged by others. Working alongside Stacey Abrams as her Lieutenant Governor, Charlie Bailey will continue to protect voting rights, advocate for working families, improve educational opportunities for our children, fight to expand Medicaid, and take on powerful interest groups that try to exploit and take advantage of Georgians. Together, Stacey Abrams and Charlie Bailey are running to build a Georgia where we can all thrive. 

Raphael Warnock for U.S. Senator

Reverend Senator Warnock is running for re-election to continue championing hardworking Georgia families in the U.S. Senate.

Rev. Sen. Rafael Warnock for U.S. Senate (Georgia)Because of your vote in 2020, Sen. Warnock and Democrats have been able to pass historic legislation to lower health care costs, create clean energy jobs, and invest in infrastructure and  agriculture. 

We are once again endorsing Sen. Warnock because of his proven leadership. Sen. Warnock prioritized the safety and security of Georgians at the height of coronavirus, voted to pass stimulus relief that provided rental assistance to families, expanded child tax credit, and expanded vaccine distribution. Re-elect Sen. Warnock so that he can continue leading efforts to expand affordable healthcare, advance voting rights, and work to create and protect Georgia jobs.

Bee Nguyen for Secretary of State

The Secretary of State has enormous power over our elections: they register voters and maintain voter databases, oversee elections, and certify election results.

Bee Nguyen for Secretary Of State GeorgiaBee Nguyen is running for Secretary of State to continue championing voting rights and fair elections. As a state lawmaker Nguyen has defended our democracy and fought tirelessly to protect our right to vote.

She successfully:

  • Restored the right to vote for the 53k Georgians by repealing a voter suppression law.
  • Stopped polling place closures in South Georgia.

We deserve a Secretary of State who will work with Georgians to expand voting access, not undermine us. As Secretary of State, Bee Nguyen will fight back against voter suppression laws, increase access to the ballot, and protect the election certification process. 

We’re also endorsing:

Sanford Bishop for U.S. Representative, 2nd congressional district

Hank Johnson for U.S. Representative, 4th congressional district

Nikema Williams for U.S. Representative, 5th congressional district

Lucy McBath for U.S. Representative, 7th congressional district

David Scott for U.S. Representative, 13th congressional district

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Tuesday, November 8th 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

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October 11
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October 17
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October 28
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November 8
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