We endorse

Damon John Chetson

for Wake County District Attorney

Chetson ran for election for North Carolina 10th Prosecutorial District Attorney, and lost in Democratic primary on May 17, 2022.


Damon John Chetson (D) is a criminal defense attorney who has dedicated his career to fighting injustices and promoting fairness. Throughout his career he has witnessed firsthand how our justice system punishes poor people who cannot afford to pay their way out. Damon Chetson embraces common sense reforms that prioritize public safety for all. 

COCPAC Endorses Damon Chetson

As Wake County DA, Chetson has pledged to:

  • Prioritize offenses that pose an actual threat to public health and safety.
  • Never seek life sentences for children, which disproportionately targets children of color.
  • Eliminate the death penalty for people suffering from severe mental illness.
  • Stop prosecuting marijuana possession for personal use.
  • Expand diversion programs to support those in need of mental health services and addiction treatment. 
  • Hold police accountable by building and maintaining a database to monitor police misconduct.
  • Increase transparency by creating public dashboards to track jail population, convictions, and the demographics of those arrested.

On May 17th, vote Damon John Chetson for Wake County District Attorney. You must be a registered voter to participate in this election. Register to vote or double check your registration status here.

When to Vote

Election Day

Tuesday, May 17th 6:30 am - 7:30 pm

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April 28
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May 10
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May 14
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May 17
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