Our Endorsements

Color Of Change PAC candidates have placed criminal justice reform on the ballot and seek to make real lasting change for Black people.


Alvin Bragg

for Manhattan District Attorney

Alvin Bragg (D) is an experienced attorney and a former chief deputy attorney general of New York. For over twenty years, Bragg has committed himself to defending the rights of New Yorkers without status or power. He is running to become the next Manhattan District Attorney to bring his professional and lived experiences to the […]

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Larry Krasner

for Philadelphia District Attorney

Four years ago, Larry Krasner won a historic bid to become Philadelphia District Attorney. Since his election, Krasner has demonstrated a clear commitment to building a more fair criminal justice system by delivering on many of his campaign promises. In his first term, Larry Krasner successfully: Led a 50% reduction in the number of children […]

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Portrait of Portsmouth Commonwealths Attorney Stephanie Morales

Stephanie Morales

for Portsmouth Commonwealth's Attorney

Six years ago, Stephanie Morales became the first woman elected as Portsmouth Commonwealth’s Attorney. She ran on a progressive platform that promised to combat mass incarceration and reform the bail system that punished poor people for an inability to pay. Since entering office, Morales has set new standards for addressing inequality in our criminal legal […]

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Joseph Biden

For President of the United States

Donald Trump has failed as President. Whether its his racist rhetoric and policies, or his never-ending series of lies designed to protect his reelection campaign, Trump continues to endanger Black lives and our livelihoods. He has refused to take responsibility for the spread of coronavirus, and continues to do little to support us. When Trump’s recession began, […]

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Kamala Harris

For Vice President of the United States

The Trump-Pence administration has resulted in failed policymaking, destructive legislative decisions, and a lack of corporate accountability. This year we have the opportunity to end the most dangerous presidency of our time by voting Donald Trump and Mike Pence out of office. Together, we can lead our country forward by electing Joesph Biden and Kamala […]

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Jon Ossoff & Raphael Warnock

U.S. Senate to represent Georgia

Current Sen. Perdue (R) and appointed Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) have failed to serve the people of Georgia. After attending a private Senate briefing on the worsening COVID-19 outbreak back in February, the Senators failed to warn their constituents about the impending pandemic. Both Sen. Perdue and Sen. Loeffler downplayed the public health and economic […]

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Raphael Warnock

U.S. Senate to represent Georgia

Current appointed Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) has failed to serve the people of Georgia and continues to turn her back on Black Americans fighting for racial justice. Loeffler has said she adamantly opposes the Black Lives Matter movement and has continued to endanger the health of Georgians. Earlier this year, Loeffler downplayed the coronavirus despite […]

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Jon Ossoff

U.S. Senate to represent Georgia

Current Sen. Perdue has failed to serve the people of Georgia. Instead of warning his constituents about the impending COVID-19 pandemic in early February, Perdue downplayed the public health and economic threats. He chose, instead, to profit from the pandemic, buying shares of a vaccine manufacturer and a company that sells masks and gloves.  Georgia […]

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Steven Horsford


Rep. Steven Horsford (D) has dedicated his life to advocating for his community. He represents Nevada’s 4th congressional district, which includes most of northern Clark County, southern Lyon County and all of Esmeralda, Lincoln, Mineral, Nye and White Pine counties. Rep. Horsford has represented the district before, when he became the first Black congressman to […]

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Rashida Tlaib

U.S. Rep. 13th District of MI

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D) is running for re-election on a progressive platform to represent Michigan’s 13th Congressional District. She has a long history of advocating for Medicare-for-all, raising the minimum wage, protecting unions, and fighting for clean air and drinking water.  In her first year in Congress, Rep. Tlaib successfully: Opened 4 neighborhood service centers […]

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Gary Peters

U.S. Senate to Represent Michigan

Since his first term in Congress, Sen. Gary Peters (D) top’s priority has been strengthening our middle class by protecting access to quality, affordable health care and lowering prescription drug costs, preparing Michigan for the jobs of tomorrow. He has also been a strong advocate for civil rights— working to help restore a vital part […]

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Alan Cohn

U.S. Rep. 15th District of FL

Alan Cohn (D) is a former investigative journalist, with a history of holding powerful people and corporations accountable. He is running for election to the U.S. House to represent Florida’s 15th Congressional District. The district stretches from Lakeland to Clermont to the northeastern suburbs of Tampa. Alan Cohn will fight for policy changes that support […]

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Cori Bush

U.S. Rep. 1st District of MO

Cori Bush (D) is an activist, nurse, ordained minister, and former teacher.  She is running in an election to represent Missouri’s 1st Congressional District which includes all of St. Louis City and much of northern St. Louis County. If elected, Bush will be the first Black woman to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives […]

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Jason Williams

For Orleans Parish District Attorney

Jason Williams (D) is a career defense attorney, and New Orleans City Council President running to be the next District Attorney of Orleans Parish. As Chair of the City Council Criminal Justice Committee, Williams has led efforts to reform the abusive policies of the current district attorney office. He has helped pass city policies to […]

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Andrew Warren

For Hillsborough County State Attorney

Andrew Warren (D) is running for reelection to continue serving as State Attorney for Florida’s 13th Judicial Circuit, serving Hillsborough County. In his first term as State Attorney, Warren has advocated for progressive criminal justice reform. He has successfully: Overseen a 69% reduction in the number of cases where children are tried as adults. Created […]

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Mondaire Jones

U.S. Rep. 17th District of NY

Mondaire Jones (D) is an attorney, nonprofit leader and activist, running for New York’s 17th Congressional District. Jones supports Medicare for All, cancelling student debt and instituting criminal justice reform. Jones is running on a progressive platform, which includes: Restoring our democracy, by mandating independent redistricting commissions to end gerrymandering, and supporting efforts to restore […]

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Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

U.S. Rep. 26th District of FL

Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D) is the first woman to represent Florida’s 26th congressional district. The district covers all of Monroe County as well as a portion of south-west Miami-Dade County.  Rep. Mucarsel-Powell is running for re-election to continue leading as a champion for gun safety, health care, immigration reform, the environment, and human rights. She […]

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Pam Keith

U.S. Rep. 18th District of FL

Pam Kieth (D) is an attorney and former Navy JAG officer running on a progressive platform for election to the U.S. House to represent Florida’s 18th Congressional District. Pam Keith is the only progressive candidate in this race. She has pledged to advocate for: Universal healthcare, lowering the age of Medicare availability to 55 and […]

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Donna Shalala

U.S. Rep. 27th District of FL

Congresswoman Donna Shalala (D) is an educator and public official who previously served as the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. Rep. Shalala is an advocate for women’s rights, civil rights, increased access to healthcare, better education and public schools, and a clean and sustainable environment. She is committed to: Education reform including, lowering […]

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Mike Espy

U.S. Senate to represent Mississippi

Mike Espy (D) is a former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and representative of Mississippi’s 2nd district. He was the first Black congressman Mississippi had elected since the post-Civil War Reconstruction era. Espy is running on a progressive platform pledging reforms to: Expand testing and safety measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus  Invest and […]

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Jamaal Bowman

U.S. Rep. 16th District of NY

Jamaal Bowman (D) is a middle school principal and public school advocate running for New York’s 16th Congressional District. Through his work as an educator, he has seen firsthand how low-income families are locked out of opportunity by a system that’s rigged for the wealthy and privileged few. Bowman is running on an progressive and […]

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Cal Cunningham

U.S. Senate to represent North Carolina

Cal Cunningham (D) is a lawyer, former state senator, and Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cunningham believes that healthcare is a right and has called for a Medicaid expansion in North Carolina. He has also been a long time supporter of improving access to quality education, fighting for smaller class sizes and […]

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Yvonne Lewis Holley

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor

Yvonne Lewis Holley (D) has been a state representative since 2013 and is running to be Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina. In the state house, Holley has been a longtime advocate to improve access to quality housing, education, and healthcare. As North Carolina Lt. Governor, she will continue to push for bold policies to reform […]

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Deborah Gonzalez

For Athens-Clarke & Oconee Counties District Attorney

Deborah Gonzalez (D) is an experienced attorney and former Georgia state legislator who is passionate about transforming our criminal justice system. Throughout her career she has advocated for victims of sexual harassment and domestic violence, as well as for greater protections for children and working families. Gonzales is the most progressive candidate in this race […]

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Jessica Holmes

North Carolina Labor Commissioner

Jessica Holmes (D) is an attorney and has been commissioner for the Wake County Board of Commissioner since 2014. She is running to be state Labor Commissioner to continue her advocacy for workers, fighting for training and job opportunities, for the implementation of a paid parental leave policy, and a living wage policy.  This election […]

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Lora Cubbage

North Carolina Court of Appeals, Seat 5

Judge Lora Cubbage has served on the North Carolina 5th Superior Court since 2018 and is now running for the North Carolina Court of Appeals, Seat 5. Cubbage will bring competency, fairness and experience to the court and will continue to promote diversity and inclusion in the judicial system. This election season, vote for Lora […]

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Reuben Young

North Carolina Supreme Court, Seat 7

Judge Reuben Young is running for reelection to serve as the Judge for North Carolina Appeals Court. Young has previously served as Secretary of Public Safety, Attorney General and Superior Court Judge. Previously, as Interim Chief Deputy Secretary of Adult Corrections and Juvenile Justice. In this role, Judge Young worked with state officials to enhance […]

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Cheri Beasley

North Carolina Supreme Court, Seat 1

Judge Cheri Beasley is running to keep her seat as Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. Beasley was appointed in February 2019 by Gov. Roy Cooper, making her the first Black woman ever to serve in this capacity. Judges make critical decisions that impact our communities. We need judges that are dedicated to […]

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Kojo Asamoa-Caesar

U.S. Rep. 1st District of OK

Kojo Asamoa-Caesar (D) is a former educator running for Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional District. Asamoa-Caesar is fighting to enact universal child care, universal pre-k, cancel student loan debt and to increase education funding and teacher pay. He is also committed to working towards universal healthcare, passing comprehensive gun safety legislation, and raising the minimum wage. Asamoa-Caesar […]

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Jaime Harrison

U.S. Senate to represent South Carolina

Jaime Harrison (D) is the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and is running to represent South Carolina in the U.S. Senate. He is running to unseat current Republican Senator Lindsey Graham who has spent nearly 20 years in Congress. Lindsey Graham has failed to lead South Carolina, and now it’s time for us […]

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Marquita Bradshaw

U.S. Senate to represent Tennessee

Marquita Bradshaw (D) is an environmental justice advocate running to represent Tennessee in the U.S. Senate. She supports strengthening voters’ rights; improving physical and mental health services legalization of marijuana; a $15 minimum wage; advancing policies to address environmental equity issues; a fully-funded educational system, and Medicare for all. If elected, Bradshaw will fight for […]

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Cameron Webb

U.S. Rep. 5th District of VA

Dr. Cameron Webb (D) is a physician and lawyer running to represent Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. He previously served in the Obama Administration, focusing on issues of criminal justice reform and education. Dr. Webb has been outspoken on the importance of expanding access to affordable healthcare, paid family and sick leave, and equal pay. He […]

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George Gascón

For Los Angeles County District Attorney

George Gascón (D) is a lifelong public servant running on a progressive platform to continue his record of driving crime to historic lows without compromising his values of decarceration and decriminalization. For 8 years current District Attorney Jackie Lacey has resisted progressive reforms while defending tough-on-crime policies. Under her leadership, Black people are 13 times […]

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Ben Tapscott

For Oakland School Board, District 7

Ben Tapscott began his teaching career at Oakland’s McClymonds high school before becoming the first Black administrator at James Logan high school in Union City. From there, he went on to teach and coach at Laney College for 20 years. Since then, Tapscott has remained active in advocating to improve quality education throughout Oakland. As […]

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Mike Hutchinson

For Oakland School Board, District 5

Mike Hutchinson is an Oakland native committed to improving Oakland’s school system for our children. For the past 9 years he’s been an active member of our community, coordinating educational programs with nonprofit organizations and fighting to stop the school closures. Hutchinson strongly believes that every child has the right to a high quality public education […]

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VanCedric Williams

For Oakland School Board, District 3

VanCedric Williams has dedicated his career to educating children in underserved communities. For 20 years, Williams taught students in the San Francisco Unified School District, and after living in Oakland for the past 10 years, he is ready to lead our school board in improving access to high quality education. As a OUSD school board […]

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Sam Davis

For Oakland School Board, District 1

Sam Davis is an Oakland parent and former public school teacher for the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). He is running to represent District 1 (North Oakland) in our school board to put families, teachers and school staff back at the center of decision-making about our schools. Davis is committed to fighting for fairness, and against […]

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Holly Mitchell

For Los Angeles County Supervisor

Holly J. Mitchell (D) is a state senator with a long history of advocating for policies that center equity and justice. As a lawmaker, she has sponsored bills to successfully reduce recidivism and incarceration costs, and restore funding for child care and education programs. Most recently, Mitchell authored the C.R.O.W.N. Act, making California the first […]

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Fanon Rucker

For Hamilton County Prosecutor

As Hamilton County’s longest serving Prosecuting Attorney, Joseph Deters has failed to implement crucial reforms to fix our racist criminal justice system. Deters, a Republican, has sent more people to death row than any other prosecutor in Ohio, and under his leadership, Black people, who made just 27% of the population, accounted for over 55% […]

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Monique Worrell

For Orange-Osceola County State Attorney

Monique Worrell (D) is a former public defender, law professor, and assistant state attorney for Orange and Osceola counties. At the State Attorney’s Office, Worrell led the Conviction Integrity Unit, reviewing wrongful convictions and returning innocent people back into their community. An experienced attorney, Worrell is passionate about transforming our criminal justice system. Monique Worrell […]

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Eric Rinehart

For Lake County State's Attorney

State Attorneys have an enormous impact on Black communities. They have the power to decide who gets prosecuted and the severity of each prosecution. Under current State Attorney Mike Nerheim, police misconduct and wrongful convictions have sent innocent people to prison for decades and cost taxpayers millions in lawsuits.  Black and Latinx people— despite making […]

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Kim Foxx

For Cook County State's Attorney

In 2016, Cook County ousted Anita Alvarez from her seat as State’s Attorney, ending nearly a decade of corruption. As lead prosecutor, Alvarez covered up police shootings; over-charged thousands of youth; and failed to prosecute corrupt cops.  Kim Foxx (D) defeated Alvarez on the promise of bringing fairness and integrity back to the State’s Attorney’s […]

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Kim Gardner

For St. Louis City Circuit Attorney

The final results of the August 4 primary election for St. Louis City Circuit Attorney are in. Kim Gardner (D) wins the primary with over 60% of the vote. November’s general election will determine if she’ll win a second term in office.  In 2016, St. Louis voters elected Kim Gardner to advance a progressive agenda […]

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Patsy Austin-Gatson

For Gwinnett County District Attorney

For 28 years current District Attorney Danny Porter (R) has opposed commonsense, effective reforms to our criminal justice system. Instead, Porter has fueled mass incarceration by resisting bail reform, routinely seeking the death penalty, and sentencing children to adult prisons. Gwinnett County deserves a District Attorney who will improve public safety without criminalizing poor people […]

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Shalena Cook Jones

For Chatham County District Attorney

Shalena Cook Jones (D) is an experienced attorney and former prosecutor with Chatham County’s District Attorney office. She is running on a reform platform to fix our broken criminal justice system.  As District Attorney, Shalena Cook Jones will advocate for bail reform, community-based policing, and restructuring of child support enforcement. She has also pledged to: […]

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Image of Karen-McDonald

Karen McDonald

For Oakland County Prosecutor

Karen McDonald (D) is a former circuit court judge, assistant prosecutor, and public school teacher. She’s seen firsthand the many ways our justice system has harmed Black communities and is committed to implementing real solutions to hold police accountable and make our communities safer.  As County Prosecutor, Karen McDonald will: Implement a system of accountability […]

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Harold Fernandez Pryor

For Broward County State Attorney

For 44 years, current State Attorney Michael Satz has resisted progressive criminal justice reform. He’s charged children as adults in court and pursued the death penalty while giving favorable treatment to police officers who harm our communities. Now, more than ever, Broward County deserves a State Attorney truly committed to justice and equality. Harold Fernandez […]

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Lucy McBath

U.S. Rep. 6th District of Georgia

Congresswoman Lucy McBath (D) is running for re-election to represent Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. Since the death of her son Jordan Davis, Lucy McBath has advocated for common sense gun reform. If elected, she will continue to champion gun safety, and advocate for reforms to improve our education system, affordable healthcare, infrastructure, and the economy. […]

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Victoria Burton-Harris

For Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney

Under current Prosecuting Attorney Kym Worthy’s leadership, Wayne County sentenced more children to life in prison than any other county in the state. Black people, who made up 39% of Wayne County’s population in 2016, accounted for over 90% of individuals serving juvenile life sentences in the county. Victoria Burton-Harris is a longtime civil rights […]

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Joe Kimok

For Broward County State Attorney

For 44 years, our current State Attorney has resisted progressive criminal justice reform. He’s charged children as adults in court and pursued the death penalty while giving favorable treatment to police officers who harm our communities. Now, more than ever, Broward County deserves a State Attorney truly committed to justice and equality.  Joe Kimok is […]

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Audia Jones

For Harris County District Attorney

Audia Jones is a former prosecutor and congressional staffer. Her experience at the District Attorney’s office informs her understanding of the issues impacting our justice system. She understands that we should be investing in our communities, not sending more people to jail. Jones has a bold vision to increase accountability and restore trust in our […]

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Melba Pearson

For Miami-Dade County State Attorney

For nearly 3 decades, current State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle has pushed racially biased policies that drive mass incarceration. Her office has sentenced children to life in prison without parole; overcharged youth, some as young as 13 years old; and failed to hold police accountable. During her 27 year tenure, Rundle has never prosecuted a […]

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Sheldon Neeley

For Flint Mayor

After 4 years of a water crisis, under-resourced schools, and lack of job opportunities, Flint needs a mayor that we can hold accountable. On Tuesday, November 5th, Flint residents have the power to elect a leader who is committed to restoring trust, transparency, and truth to the Flint mayor’s office. On November 5th, be sure […]

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Shameca Collins

for Sixth Judicial District Attorney of Mississippi

WE WON! Join us in congratulating Shameca Collins on being elected District Attorney for the sixth judicial district of Mississippi. Thank you to everyone who voted to transform Mississippi’s criminal justice system and tothe Color Of Change PAC members for sending nearly 7,000 text messages to Black voters in Natchez. The outcome of this race […]

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Tiffany Cabán

for Queens District Attorney

The results of the recount in the Queens District Attorney race are in, and Tiffany Cabán’s opponent, Melinda Katz, has officially won the race. This is an extremely disappointing result for everyone, including us. Like many of you, we believed and still believe, in Tiffany Cabán’s bold vision to transform criminal justice in Queens. The […]

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Wesley Bell

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney

Wesley Bell is a Ferguson city councilman and a former municipal court prosecutor. After his election, Councilman Bell worked directly with the Department of Justice on community policing and court reform initiatives for the city of Ferguson. Bell is running on a progressive platform that, among other things, focuses on ending mass incarceration. Bell has […]

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Ilhan Omar

Candidate for U.S. Representative of CD5

These Color Of Change PAC-endorsed candidates are committed to making life better for all Minnesotans Erin Murphy, Candidate for Governor AND Erin Maye-Quade, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Erin Murphy is the former Majority Leader of the Minnesota House of Representatives. She is a registered nurse, and the former Executive Director of the Minnesota Nurses Association. […]

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Stacey Abrams

Georgia Governor

With Stacey Abrams’s victory in the Georgia gubernatorial primary, we are one step closer to electing the nation’s first Black female governor. Stacey Abrams has a history of strong and ambitious leadership. Abrams was the first woman to lead either party in the Georgia General Assembly and the first African American to lead in the […]

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Anita Earls

NC Supreme Court Justice

Anita Earls is a civil rights advocate with 30 years of experience. Earls has served as the founder and Executive Director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Justice, Director of the Voting Rights Project for the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and […]

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Faris Dixon

District Attorney of Pitt County

It’s time to fix Pitt County’s racist criminal justice system! Black people, who make up only 35.5 percent1 of Pitt County’s population, made up 79.7 percent of the people in jail in 2014. District Attorneys have the power to decide who gets prosecuted and the severity of each prosecution. That’s why voting in local elections […]

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Satana Deberry

Durham county district attorney

In May, Satana Deberry won her primary election for Durham County District Attorney. Her victory has been the direct result of Durham’s Black residents showing up to the polls and sending a clear message about the changes they want for their criminal justice system: an end to money bail and racist policing practices and additional […]

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Andrew Gillum

Governor of Florida

Andrew Gillum (D) is the Mayor of Tallahassee. He was born in Miami Dade County, and he served on the Tallahassee City Commission before being elected mayor.  He is currently running for Governor of Florida. He’s the only candidate who is not a self-financed millionaire or billionaire. Andrew Gillum has a history of progressive leadership. […]

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Steve Sisolak

Governor of Nevada

Steve Sisolak (D) has: Served on the Nevada Board of Regents for 10 years Fought for Nevadans wrongfully charged out-of-state tuition Advocated for an increased funding for education Helped recruit a new solar company to Nevada Steve Sisolak (D) wants to: Invest in public schools, increase teacher salaries, and lower classroom sizes Invest in clean […]

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Gretchen Whitmer and Garlin Gilchrist

Governor and Lt. Governor for Michigan

These Color Of Change PAC-endorsed candidates are committed to making life better for all residents of Michigan.  Gretchen Whitmer, Candidate for Governor AND Garlin Gilchrist, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Whitmer and Gilchrist support expanding healthcare coverage and lowering costs, defending reproductive rights, and “Ban the Box,” which will prevent employers from discriminating against formerly incarcerated people. […]

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Diana Becton

Contra Costa County District Attorney

Diana Becton is the first woman and the first Black DA of Contra Costa County. She previously served as a Superior Court Judge in Contra Costa County for over 20 years. Becton is committed to putting an end to racial disparities in the criminal justice system. In order to decrease implicit bias, Becton has proposed “blinding” […]

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Geneviéve Jones-Wright

San Diego County District Attorney

Geneviéve Jones-Wright has been a public defender since 2006, and she is running on a progressive, reform agenda. She believes that private prisons are bad for justice and the economy. She is committed to reducing racial disparities in the criminal justice system, and she has vowed to increase transparency within the DA’s office. Jones-Wright knows that […]

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Ben Jealous

Governor of Maryland

Ben Jealous (D) is the former National President and CEO of the NAACP. Ben Jealous has a history of civil rights leadership. Jealous has worked with governors to develop plans to help end mass incarceration, helped stop Mississippi’s governor from turning a public HBCU into a prison, and advanced efforts to abolish the death penalty in Maryland. Ben […]

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Robert Langford

Clark County District Attorney

Robert Langford is a criminal defense attorney who is running on a progressive platform. He is passionate about criminal justice reform in general and bail reform in particular. Langford has vowed to completely eliminate the use of money bail in Clark County. He is also committed to removing employment barriers for people with non-violent convictions […]

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Jason Anderson

San Bernardino County District Attorney

Jason Anderson worked in the District Attorney’s office for 17 years before starting his own practice in 2014. Anderson supports the creation of a community commission that will review the performance of the District Attorney’s office and keep the office accountable to the residents of San Bernardino County. He also supports the expansion of alternative sentencing options […]

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Noah Phillips

Sacramento County District Attorney

Noah Phillips has served in the District Attorney’s office for over 20 years. He supports bail reform, expanding reentry services, and protecting undocumented immigrants. Phillips is committed to shifting the culture of the DA’s office away from overcharging, unrealistic plea bargains, and taking low-level cases to trial. Phillips has also vowed to reject the policies of […]

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Pamela Price

Alameda County District Attorney

Pamela Price is a civil rights attorney who supports ending money bail, expanding alternatives to incarceration, and protecting immigrants from the Trump administration’s racist immigration policies. Price has represented defendants in police misconduct cases and will ensure that  the law applies to everyone, including police officers. She has pledged to create a Police Accountability Unit to […]

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