Our Endorsements

Color Of Change PAC candidates have placed criminal justice reform on the ballot and seek to make real lasting change for Black people.


Wesley Bell

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney

Wesley Bell is a Ferguson city councilman and a former municipal court prosecutor. After his election, Councilman Bell worked directly with the Department of Justice on community policing and court reform initiatives for the city of Ferguson. Bell is running on a progressive platform that, among other things, focuses on ending mass incarceration. Bell has […]

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Geneviéve Jones-Wright

San Diego County District Attorney

Geneviéve Jones-Wright has been a public defender since 2006, and she is running on a progressive, reform agenda. She believes that private prisons are bad for justice and the economy. She is committed to reducing racial disparities in the criminal justice system, and she has vowed to increase transparency within the DA’s office. Jones-Wright knows that […]

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Robert Langford

Clark County District Attorney

Robert Langford is a criminal defense attorney who is running on a progressive platform. He is passionate about criminal justice reform in general and bail reform in particular. Langford has vowed to completely eliminate the use of money bail in Clark County. He is also committed to removing employment barriers for people with non-violent convictions […]

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Jason Anderson

San Bernardino County District Attorney

Jason Anderson worked in the District Attorney’s office for 17 years before starting his own practice in 2014. Anderson supports the creation of a community commission that will review the performance of the District Attorney’s office and keep the office accountable to the residents of San Bernardino County. He also supports the expansion of alternative sentencing options […]

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Noah Phillips

Sacramento County District Attorney

Noah Phillips has served in the District Attorney’s office for over 20 years. He supports bail reform, expanding reentry services, and protecting undocumented immigrants. Phillips is committed to shifting the culture of the DA’s office away from overcharging, unrealistic plea bargains, and taking low-level cases to trial. Phillips has also vowed to reject the policies of […]

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Diana Becton

Contra Costa County District Attorney

Diana Becton is the first woman and the first Black DA of Contra Costa County. She previously served as a Superior Court Judge in Contra Costa County for over 20 years. Becton is committed to putting an end to racial disparities in the criminal justice system. In order to decrease implicit bias, Becton has proposed “blinding” […]

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Pamela Price

Alameda County District Attorney

Pamela Price is a civil rights attorney who supports ending money bail, expanding alternatives to incarceration, and protecting immigrants from the Trump administration’s racist immigration policies. Price has represented defendants in police misconduct cases and will ensure that  the law applies to everyone, including police officers. She has pledged to create a Police Accountability Unit to […]

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