Color Of Change PAC: With DNC Postponed Party is Protected – So What About Voters?

The following statement can be attributed to Rashad Robinson, spokesperson for Color of Change PAC.

“Today’s announcement to postpone the Democratic National Convention shows that party officials are taking seriously the threat that this virus poses to the political process. While national leadership has taken steps to protect themselves from this pandemic, they have still done nothing to protect the safety and rights of voters or the integrity of the election itself. Governors and elected officials must act now to prevent the potential for mass disenfranchisement this fall by enacting a national vote-by-mail option. We’ve already seen during the Illinois and Ohio primaries that failing to provide for alternatives while this pandemic rages will create barriers to voting that erase key voices – with Black voters, as in most cases, affected far worse than others.

Governors have an opportunity to act now to make sure that voters are heard and are able to participate and set the direction of their communities. The future of the COVID-19 crisis is still unpredictable, but these elected officials have control to open access to voting.”


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