Color Of Change PAC: Trump Campaign Ploy to ‘Deter’ Black Voters Amounts to Coordinated Political Attack on Black People

Rashad Robinson, a spokesperson for Color Of Change PAC, issued this statement following a Channel 4 investigation which revealed that the Trump campaign targeted Black voters in an effort to reduce Black voter turnout during the 2016 election:

“This investigation confirms what we’ve always known: Trump and his campaign are actively trying to keep Black Americans from voting. But what’s most disturbing here is not just the campaign’s clear intent to suppress Black votes; it’s the brazen steps they took to research, target, and discourage Black voters. The Trump campaign maintained a database of some 200 million voter profiles and targeted more than three million Black voters for what it called ‘deterrence.’ What followed was a series of attack ads to stop Black voters from participating in the 2016 election. This was not a simple campaign strategy; this was a coordinated political attack.

But the campaign had a powerful ally in this ploy to block Black voters from the polls: Facebook. As the President’s campaign team pushed political ads and misinformation to Black people through Facebook, the tech company sat on its hands and allowed it to uproot the 2016 election. Since then, they’ve announced a ban on political advertising in the week leading up to Election Day, but that announcement is too little too late for the millions of Black voters who were disenfranchised four years ago. No one person or platform should have this much power over the fate of our democracy.

We are just five weeks away from a monumental election and, while the Trump campaign looks to lure Black voters with a flimsy policy agenda, we are seeing his true colors. The findings of this investigation should be a wake-up call to Black voters. This November, we must show up at the polls in record numbers and vote for an administration that supports free and fair elections.”


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