Color Of Change PAC Responds to Trump Presidential Campaign 

For Immediate Release: November 15, 2022
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Color Of Change PAC Responds to Trump Presidential Campaign 

Following Trump’s announcement of his 2024 presidential campaign, Jennifer Edwards, Vice President of Color Of Change PAC, released the below statement:

“The midterm election results proved that voters of all races, from coast to coast, reject the anti-Blackness, fearmongering, corruption and lawlessness Donald Trump stands for – a testament to the power of the racial justice movement.

“Black voters aren’t a secret weapon you get to call on to save the day when GOTV rolls around. When Democrats win the presidential election in 2024, we’ll get there not solely with Black political power, but also holding leaders across the aisle accountable to racial justice. We’ll get there by deep organizing across the whole of the progressive movement, to elect candidates who will safeguard our democracy and govern for the people.

“Trump was elected in 2016 in large part because greedy corporations could not resist the profits he ushered in, and spineless politicians grew drunk on his promise of unchecked power. Media companies’ ratings and readership skyrocketed. Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter profited handily from giving Trump a megaphone. Right-wing politicians quickly pivoted from foe to friend when they realized what they had to gain, going so far as to support an attempted coup; and even then, corporate PACs kept the money flowing. To defeat Trump a second time, we’ll need to confront not only his campaign, but his army of profiteers.

“Black voters have always done the work to turn out, cast our ballots, and organize our communities to shape the country we want to live in. This time, we’re calling on the rest of the country to join us. At Color Of Change PAC, we haven’t stopped mobilizing our members in support of candidates who prioritize Black voters through their policies, not just campaign speeches. In 2024, the burden to defeat Trump falls on all voters, and on those in positions of power to shape the media narrative.”


About Color Of Change PAC

Color Of Change PAC is a Political Action Committee focused on building independent Black political power, amplifying Black voices, electing candidates who share our values, and holding them accountable to our communities. For more information on Color Of Change PAC, visit