Color Of Change PAC Endorses Wesley Bell for District Attorney

St. Louis County deserves a DA focused on equal justice and community safety

St. Louis County, Missouri (June 23, 2018) — Color Of Change PAC, the political action committee of the nation’s largest online racial justice group, today announced its endorsement of Wesley Bell for prosecuting attorney. Bell seeks to unseat the 27-year incumbent, who has turned his back on justice and who has a long history of targeting the Black community. Bell’s candidacy can help transform St. Louis County’s criminal justice system to ensure all people, particularly people of color, receive fair and equal justice under the law.

“Color Of Change PAC has endorsed Wesley Bell for St. Louis County prosecuting attorney,” said Color Of Change PAC spokesperson, Rashad Robinson. “We stand with Wesley Bell because St. Louis County deserves a DA who won’t turn his back on justice and who is deeply committed to restoring safety and security within the community. Wesley Bell represents the change St. Louis County needs today and tomorrow.”

“McCulloch, the current DA, has been a lightning rod for controversy. He has manufactured and exploiting racial tensions rather than working with the community for equal and fair justice,” said Robinson. “McCulloch has failed in the basic standards of a DA who is willing to work with the Black community to address safety and put an end violence. These are the real concerns of voters. The families of St. Louis County deserve a DA who will be accountable and who will focus on righting a system that for too long has succeeded in targeting people of color and putting them disproportionately behind bars.”

Wesley Bell, Color Of Change PAC’s St. Louis County for prosecuting attorney:

  • Bells vows to end mass incarceration and create a fair and equitable system that works to eliminate wrongful convictions.
  • Bell is committed to winning back the community’s trust which has been eroded by a prosecuting attorney that has targeted the Black community for three decades.
  • Bell seeks to usher in an era of real transparency focused on victims’ rights and equal and fair rights for all residents, regardless of race, socioeconomic status or zip code.
  • Bell is the sole candidate who has pledged never to seek the death penalty.

Color Of Change PAC plans to engage more than 50,000 Black voters in-district before the August 7th election through a targeted online and offline organizing program that includes community canvass block parties, text-a-thon brunches, direct mail and digital ads.

Color Of Change PAC was established to support candidates (and policies) at local and national levels in order to transform the criminal justice system in favor of real justice for all people, particularly those of color. Since its launch, Color Of Change PAC has mobilized over 4,000 volunteers, contacted and engaged millions of voters and helped to elect candidates accountable to the Black community. By supporting prosecuting attorney candidates across the nation, Color Of Change PAC will continue to throw its considerable support behind candidates that understand and respect principles of freedom and justice, regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status.



Color Of Change PAC is a Political Action Committee focused on building independent Black political power, amplifying Black voices, electing candidates who share our values, and holding them accountable to our communities. For more information on Color Of Change PAC, visit