Color Of Change PAC Endorses Alvin Bragg for Manhattan DA

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The Nation’s Largest Online Racial Justice Organization Pledges $1m+ IE to Elect Bragg and Bring About Criminal Justice Reforms

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Calling for an end to two systems of justice, Color Of Change PAC, the political action committee of the nation’s largest online racial justice group, today endorsed Democrat Alvin Bragg for Manhattan District Attorney. Color Of Change PAC also pledged over one million dollars on an independent expenditure (IE) campaign to support Alvin Bragg.

“For too long, New Yorkers have lived under two systems of justice. One system protects and privileges the powerful and well-connected; the other victimizes and penalizes people of color and the powerless. Alvin Bragg has the experience to run this critical office and the commitment to reform the criminal justice system to make New York safer and more just for everyone,” said Rashad Robinson, spokesperson for the Color Of Change PAC.

Since 2016, Color Of Change PAC has prioritized electing candidates for district attorney across the country who support criminal justice demands that will prioritize the well-being of Black communities while bringing about essential change to the criminal justice system. With today’s endorsement, the PAC is continuing its tradition of endorsing candidates who demonstrate an unfailing commitment to reform.

The country’s largest and most important jurisdictions have elected new progressive prosecutors in recent years who have made major strides in strengthening their communities, including in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and Dallas.

“Manhattan is overdue for reform, and we’re confident Alvin Bragg can deliver it,” said Robinson. “As a lifelong Harlem resident and the only Black man in this race, Alvin Bragg has had direct encounters with the criminal legal system that have shaped his understanding of injustices and informed his policy positions.”

Color Of Change PAC plans to support Bragg by sending eight robust waves of direct mail throughout Manhattan in May and in addition to building a robust, volunteer-driven field campaign. The campaign will reach voters of all races and ethnicities. The PAC will also engage Black voters with additional direct mail highlighting Early Voting and GOTV in June.

Color Of Change PAC draws the link between voter turnout in district attorney races and real change in Black communities. The PAC seeks to endorse candidates that support the criminal justice demands which will bring about essential reforms; these include ending money bail, reducing collateral consequences for immigrant defendants, protecting kids within the juvenile justice system, holding police accountable, and being more transparent with the public.

The PAC noted that while electing reform-minded District Attorneys like Alvin Bragg who can lead the office on day one is essential, it is not sufficient. “Real criminal justice reform requires not just winning elections, but also changing laws and increasing funding for communities rather than a reliance on policing,” added Robinson.

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