Color Of Change PAC Calls on Disney to Stop Funding Florida Legislators Responsible for “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Color Of Change PAC Calls on Disney to Stop Funding Florida Legislators Responsible for “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

NATIONWIDE — After weeks of pressure calling on Walt Disney Company to condemn Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, yesterday it was reported that CEO Bob Chapek told its investors that Disney was “opposed to the bill from the outset.” However, the company has donated $299,126 to 68 Florida politicians who support the bill, including Governor Ron DeSantis and chief sponsor in the Florida House, Rep. Joe Harding. As the company is continuing to financially support the politicians responsible for the legislation, Color Of Change PAC’s Senior Campaigns Director Jade Magnus Ogunnaike issued the below statement: 

“It’s no coincidence that Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek waited until after Florida’s passage of its horrific “Don’t Say Gay” bill to condemn the legislation. Statements in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community mean little when the company continues to bankroll the politicians who supported and sponsored the bill. Disney must walk the walk — broadcasting one-off donations as solutions for systemic issues while contradicting their PR talking points is no longer going to cut it. Whether it’s legislation restricting Black history or LGBTQ+ contributions, these attacks on marginalized communities will only lead to more attacks on civil rights.  

It should not take weeks of internal and public pressure for corporate leaders to speak out against the growing list of legislation that will only allow hate and discrimination to fester in our communities. From legislation seeking to erase our country’s Black history to that which marginalizes the LGBTQ+ community, politicians are continuing to attack our kids, families and communities.

As influential leaders like Chapek remained silent, other states like Georgia — a filming location that has reaped millions of dollars from Disney and their Marvel franchise — have introduced copycat bills in their state legislatures, contributing to a domino-effect that will only harm LGBTQ+ children and their families. Our team at Color Of Change has directly told executives at Disney that if the company truly stood with marginalized communities, they would speak out against these copycat bills in all of their forms, stop censoring queer storylines and no longer fund bigoted politicians that pull our country backwards and often target Black communities. Color Of Change and our millions of members will continue to hold Disney accountable and demand the company direct their political giving to candidates committed to making our country a more inclusive place.”


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