Color Of Change PAC: “Biden and Harris Clearly Won and the Final Count Will Prove It.”

The following statement can be attributed to Rashad Robinson, Spokesperson for Color Of Change PAC

“Biden and Harris clearly won this election, and the final vote count will prove it. Yesterday, and over the last few weeks of early voting, the majority of the American people sent a powerful message about what they want for our country: millions more people voted to oust Trump and elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. As the Trump strategy now pivots from voter suppression to ballot suppression, we are not only going to be vigilant, we are going to take action. We’re calling on our members to go into the streets, go online, and make sure that election officials and corporations who are aiding Trump as he tries to steal the election rate enablers know we are demanding that Black votes be counted.

“The Biden/Harris win was powered by Black voters and the powerful infrastructure of racial justice organizations — Color Of Change PAC and our allies — who overcame the widespread Republican strategies of voter suppression and deterrence to make sure their voices were heard. And while many may have predicted a Biden landslide, Black people have always known that millions of American are perfectly happy to accept the most explicitly racist president in modern history.

“Black people bailed America out. The final vote count will show that not only did Black voters turn out in record numbers, but that Biden and Harris could not have won without the motivation and mobilization that the movement for racial justice created. Black communities and leaders made racial justice a central issue in this campaign, which motivated millions of people to vote who wouldn’t have otherwise voted.

“Trump knows that the only way he can remain president is by cheating, and he clearly believes that the main way he can cheat is by attacking Black votes and voters. That’s why officials have made it so hard to vote and to count the votes in so many cities with large Black populations, like Atlanta and Milwaukee, and why they are already trying to cast doubt and cancel Black votes in Pennsylvania and beyond.

“This election is not a win for democracy but rather emphatic evidence of how much farther we have to go to protect our freedom to vote.”


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