Chicago and Cook County Voting Statement: Black Voters Deserve Better

“Officials in Chicago made an irresponsible decision to willfully put the lives of tens of thousands of voters in danger when they could have expanded the vote by mail deadline. And we are already seeing the consequences: polls did not open; election judges and workers did not show up; lines were extremely long; and many voters rightly stayed away,” said Jennifer Edwards, Communications Director of Color Of Change PAC.

“Instead of reflecting the will of the people, today’s results reflect poor judgment and an erasure of key voters, which could have tremendous consequences for Black voters. Candidates on the ballot espouse differing views on issues of great importance to Black voters. Today represented a core opportunity for them to help set the direction of their community. The very real fear voters faced about gathering in crowds made it difficult and in some cases impossible for Black voters to be heard and set the direction of their community. They deserved better.